Reinvest Maryland (Formerly IRR) Report Released

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An October 6 Maryland Sustainable Growth Commission press release announced the released of the Commission’s Reinvest Maryland Report.  Formerly known as the Infill, Redevelopment, and Revitalization (IRR) Policy, the Reinvest Maryland report includes over 60 recommendations to encourage IRR within a subset of the Priority Funding Areas (PFAs) and discourage new development outside of the PFAs.  From the press release:

In response to a request from Governor Martin O’Malley and Lt. Governor Anthony Brown, the Maryland Sustainable Growth Commission has produced Reinvest Maryland: Accelerating Infill, Redevelopment & Community Revitalization. The just-released report sets forth dozens of recommendations to help communities across Maryland improve their downtowns, strengthen their economies, add needed housing and even provide a streetscape facelift.  …

Directing growth to communities with existing infrastructure saves money by requiring fewer services, unlike development in far-flung areas that need new roads, schools, and water and sewer systems. It improves quality of life for existing residents. Moreover, many young people, seniors and business owners are demanding well-designed, walkable communities as a new model over traditional, more isolating growth patterns.

“We need to reinvest in Maryland’s great communities,” said Commission Chairman Jon Laria. “In this report, we set out recommendations to help us grow smarter to accomplish a whole host of goals statewide.”

Reinvest Maryland Report – Fast Download Version (4 MB)

Reinvest Maryland Report – Full Resolution Version (22 MB)

Reinvest Maryland Report Appendices

Maryland Secretary of Planning Richard Hall provided a brief overview of the Reinvest Maryland report at MACo’s Administrator and Attorney Conference on October 9.  Hall explained that the recommendations were broken down into 8 categories:

  1. Establish a Vision for Reinvestment
  2. Create and Better Fund Innovative, Effective Reinvestment Programs
  3. Identify and Address Regulations and Policies That May Impede Reinvestment
  4. Deploy Targeted Financial Tools
  5. Promote Equitable Development
  6. Encourage Excellence in Community Design and Preservation
  7. Use Metrics to Gauge Success and Provide Accountability
  8. Accelerate Transit-Oriented Development

Hall stated the Maryland Department of Planning (MDP) and other involved state agencies will use the Reinvest Maryland report as a blueprint and begin implementing its various recommendations over the next several years.

MDP Presentation for MACo’s Administrators & Attorneys Conference

Prior Conduit Street Coverage of Reinvest Maryland/IRR Policy

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