Stormwater Fee Tax Break A Topic of Contention in Anne Arundel County Races

A September 28 Capital-Gazette article reported that the stormwater remediation fee (or “rain tax” as it is called by its opponents) remains a topic of debate in local Anne Arundel County races.  The article noted, however, that the discussion has turned from an outright repeal of the fee to a proposal by Republican county executive candidate Steve Schuh to provide a 3%/$18 million property tax cut that would offset the amounts being collected through the county’s stormwater fee.

Schuh said his plan “will be to work around the county legislation to relieve taxpayers of the burden of the stormwater bill through the property tax.”  …

“It is a down payment on a long-term effort to reduce taxes and fees to further reduce the burden on taxpayers,” Schuh said,

[Schuh’s Democratic opponent George] Johnson and others said such a flat-out commitment to a tax cut would be irresponsible.

“If the tax surplus is less than his projections, where is the money going to come from?” Johnson said. “Will he cut teachers’ pay? Or the number of police officers, firefighters, detention officers? Will county employees have to suffer furloughs again?”

The article also reported on an exchange between incumbent County Council Member Chris Trumbauer and his opponent, Dean D’Camera regarding whether the fee should be labeled as a “rain tax” and the merits of the fee.

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