Annual Report Ranks Maryland Low in Overall Highway Performance

Maryland continues to rank low in overall highway performance in an annual rankings report recently released by the Reason Foundation. As reported by,

The free-market oriented Reason Foundation ranked Maryland 39th in overall highway performance and cost-effectiveness in its 21st annual rankings, drawing data mostly from 2012.

The state’s worst ranking was 48th in interstate congestion but it ranked highly (10th) for low fatality rate. The state was ranked a similar 38th and 40th overall in reports issued by the Reason Foundation the last two years, respectively.

However, the State Highway Administration has expressed concerns with the ranking methodology.

David Buck, spokesman for the Maryland State Highway Administration, said the report used all roads and bridges in Maryland even though the state does not maintain all of them. SHA owns and maintains about 50% of bridges and only 30% of roads, he said.

Local governments are responsible for the other portion of bridges and roadways.  The State has significantly reduced local roadway funding over the past several years affecting local government’s ability to maintain and preserve their roadways.

The report indicates that it should not be viewed as a cost-effective study of state highway departments, but instead an assessment of the State as a whole.

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