Calvert County Seeks to Expand Prince Frederick Priority Funding Area

An August 29 SoMDNews article reported that the Calvert County Board of County Commissioners want to add 100 additional acres to the Prince Frederick priority funding area (PFA).  The new PFA could also be designated as a sustainable community.

A priority funding area is a growth area defined by state law and designated by local governments to target state infrastructure investment, said Jenny Plummer-Welker, principal planner, Wednesday.

Sustainable communities are also state programs. “Places designated by the state of Maryland as sustainable communities are to provide focal points for dense mixed-use economic development and revitalization,” Plummer-Welker said Tuesday.  …

Currently, the county’s designated sustainable community areas include the entire municipality of North Beach, a portion of Chesapeake Beach, a portion of the Prince Frederick Town Center and the town centers of Dunkirk, Lusby and Solomons, according to a staff memo.

The proposed addition to the Prince Frederick priority funding area includes the property around the Calvert Tabernacle and Symphony Woods, Plummer-Welker said.

The article also noted that the Commissioners discussed the potential incorporation of the Chesapeake Ranch Estates in the Lusby area, with Plummer-Welker responding that the Estates would not likely be designated as a sustainable community as it lacks the required mixed-use and commercial economic development components.