State Releases Proposed School Construction Local Cost-Share Percentages

By regulation every three years the Board of Public Works is required to revise the State-Local Cost Share Percentages that determine the State funding participation for individual projects approved in the annual Capital Improvement Program (CIP). The Public School Construction Program recently released the proposed Cost Share Percentages that will apply to the FY16-18 CIPs.

These cost share percentages only apply to certain costs, those eligible for partial funding by the State. All other costs are assumed by local governments, so the overall local contribution to school construction is often much larger than the percentages stated below.

The percentages, which are determined by formula, vary by county and indicate the maximum State funding percentage of eligible costs.  The   FY12-15 cost share percentages, which were calculated during the last revision cycle, are included here for comparative purposes.

For more information, see the State Local Cost Share FY 2016-FY 2018 proposed percentages memo from the Public School Construction Program and our previous posts, County Officials Participate in School Construction Funding Study, Board of Public Works Approves School Construction Funding.

school constr 2015
Fiscal Year 2015 Maryland Public School Construction Capital Improvement Program
school constr.jpg
Courtesy of the Public School Construction Program