NACo Passes Resolutions on Minimum Wage, Keystone XL Pipeline, and Unaccompanied Children

The National Association of Counties passed several resolutions to guide this year’s legislative agenda at its recent annual conference. Representatives from counties across the country debated controversial resolutions, including the minimum wage, Keystone XL pipeline, and unaccompanied children crossing the border. For more information, read all of the resolutions adopted at the conference. Tabs for the resolutions on minimum wage, keystone XL pipeline, and unaccompanied children are also available.

Resolutions are developed through NACo steering committees, which are active throughout the year to keep in touch with key issue areas. As described by NACo,

Legislation and policy is the heart of NACo’s role in Washington, D.C. NACo’s legislative staff assist the NACo Steering Committees in developing national legislative policies and ensure that policy is communicated to Members of Congress, the Administration and related agencies​.

To join a NACo Steering Committee, contact Robin Clark, Policy Analyst, Maryland Association of Counties (410) 269-0043. For more information about Steering Committees, see NACo’s website.

Last year, Maryland members served on the following Steering Committees:

  1. Agriculture and Rural Affairs Steering Committee
  2. Large Urban County Caucus Steering Committee
  3. Community and Economic Development Steering Committee
  4. Environment, Energy, and Land Use Steering Committee
  5. Finance and Intergovernmental Affairs Steering Committee
  6. Health Steering Committee
  7. Human Services and Education Steering Committee
  8. Justice and Public Safety Steering Committee
  9. Telecommunications & Technology Steering Committee
  10. Transportation Steering Committee