Carroll County Videos Explain Common Core

A video math lesson, courtesy of Carroll County Public Schools.

As reported by WBAL TV, Maryland is one of more than 40 states where Common Core Standards have been adopted by public school systems, but it seems parents are having the most trouble understanding the changes. As described, Carroll County is trying to help with a new video campaign.

At Mechanicsville Elementary School in Gamber, second-grade students are wrapping up another year of math common core style, but the lessons won’t end with the last day of school. The new math concepts have been recorded and posted to the school system website, which helps students and parents learn all summer long.

“They can see what we are actually teaching in the classroom. The video shows exactly what we do in the classroom,” Carroll County teacher Jenn Heim said.

The Common Core standards will be the topic of the Education-focused General Session on Saturday, August 16, at MACo’s 2014 Summer Conference.  For more information, and to register, see the MACo website.