Education Transparency from the Top-down

An opinion piece on MindShift describes how to meet the challenges of teaching in an increasingly connected world through a culture of transparency and connectivity in our schools.  

The piece describes how social media can improve connections with parents and other teachers, while pointing to the importance of administration leadership adopting and using social media themselves for it to work.

Creating a transparent school starts with a school’s leadership. “Leadership has to buy into the value of connectivity,” said Dr. Joe Mazza, director of connected teaching, learning and leadership at North Penn School District and a former elementary school principal in an edWeb webinar. “The culture offline or online has to say we care about being open minded to the rest of our learning community whether that’s local or global.”

MindShift is a blog hosted by KQED and National Public Radio that covers cultural and technology trends, including innovations in education and education policy. For more information on this topic, see the full story at MindShift.

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