Energy Efficiency Bills Pass in Montgomery County

A May 1 Montgomery County media advisory reported that County Executive Ike Leggett will sign a series of bills designed to further energy efficiency and sustainability in the County.  The four bills deal with renewable energy targets, measuring energy usage in governmental and nonresidential buildings, LED streetlights, and expedited permits for electric vehicle charging stations.  From the media advisory:

Among the measures are:

• Bill 2-14 , which requires the County and owners of nonresidential buildings to measure the energy efficiency of their buildings and to make the information public.

• Bill 4-14, which requires the County to contract for street light maintenance with a company that commits to install LED lights – or another energy-efficient technology equivalent or superior to energy efficient lights. Many current street lights are outdated and inefficient, and LED lighting is more energy efficient and requires less maintenance.

• Bill 9-14, which requires that 50 percent of the County’s electric power usage be supplied with renewable energy by Fiscal Year 2015 and 100 percent by 2016. Currently, approximately 30 percent of the County’s electric power usage is supplied by renewable energy sources.

• Bill 11-14, which requires the Department of Permitting Services to implement an expedited and less-costly process for permits to install charging stations for electric vehicles.