Baltimore City School Board Seeks to Responsibly Manage Schools Budget

As reported in the Baltimore Sun, a slowdown in revenue has Baltimore school officials looking for budget adjustments that won’t require the system to raid its rainy-day fund. The Sun describes,

Board members note the district faces several major expenditures that could require the use of a deep rainy-day fund: a facilities plan that will require a $20 million annual expense for several decades, pay-for-performance union contracts and rising costs such as transportation.

“We knew things were not going to get easier,” Shanaysha Sauls, chairwoman of the city school board, said, adding, “but using the fund balance to pay for recurring expenses is a temporary solution, at best.” . . . Sauls pointed out the reserve fund is even more important because the district’s most consistent revenue stream is tied to enrollment. “So what’s left, but the responsible management of existing resources?” she said.

According to the Sun, the school system operates on an annual budget of about $1.2 billion.
For more information, see the full story from the Baltimore Sun.