Kent County Recycling Rates Up

An April 10 Kent County News article discussed a recent report to the Kent County Commissioner on County recycling efforts from division chief Marty Holden.  Holden noted that the County’s recycling rate has increased over the last several years, had good turnout for hazardous waste and tire collection events, and that the County is preparing to comply with the State mandate to have certain apartments and condominiums begin recycling this November.

Holden said a program to collect scrap farm equipment tires brought in 389 tons, or 25 truckloads, of tractor tires during March. He said the tipping fees for the tires were reimbursed by the state.

Also, 118 vehicles brought materials to a regional hazardous household waste collection program in Centreville. Items turned in included paint and electronic equipment. …

The county also has a recycling rate of 31.49 percent, up from 27.57 percent a few years ago. This is double the state-mandated rate of 15 percent, Holden said. The state rate is to rise to 20 percent in November. He said much of the reycled [sic] material is used by local businesses, such as Creafill Fibers in Chestertown.

The new state recycling standards will require apartments and condominiums with 10 or more units to begin recycling in November, Holden said. He said he has identified some 30 buildings that fall under the new standards. He said his department will be responsible for verifying compliance.