Maryland League of Conservation Voters Releases 2014 Session Summary

The Maryland League of Conservation Voters (MDLCV) has released its 2014 Environmental Legislative Wrap-Up.  Among the five major policy issues highlighted in the summary, MDLCV counted two victories and three losses.

Defending the “polluted water law” (also known as the stormwater remediation fee) and the passage of pesticide reporting funding legislation were counted as wins.  Failure to pass legislation that would make changes to the State’s energy Renewable Portfolio Standard, freeze natural gas drilling (fracking), and require cumulative environmental impact assessments for certain permits were listed as losses.  The stormwater fee, Renwable Portfolio Standard, and natural gas drilling efforts were priorities of the environmental community.

The Wrap-Up gave a mixed verdict on the budget, supporting the funding for the Chesapeake Bay Trust Fund and low-income energy assistance but expressing disappointment with a cut to Program Open Space funding.    The Wrap-Up also commented on the outcomes of seven other environmental bills.