POS, Ag Preservation Cuts Rejected in Final State Budget Plan

The capital budget conference committee has presented its final report, and has rejected prior proposals to limit future spending on transfer tax funded programs like Program Open Space and Agricultural Land Preservation.

The proposed cutbacks – first discussed in the Senate as binding language in the budget reconciliation bill, but then altered to less constrictive budget “narrative,” were then rejected in the House following resistance from MACo and many other advocacy groups.

Read more on the Senate’s proposed cuts here on Conduit Street:
Program Open Space On Chopping Block, Yet Again 

The capital budget conference report has been presented to the full House of Delegates, and should receive its final vote (and likely approval) later today (Saturday, April 5). The conference report is the final vote on the capital budget bill and is an up-or-down vote with no further amendments permitted, to ensure that the two chambers have passed identical versions of the bill to be enacted.

Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties