House Committee Removes Senate’s Amendments to “Half-Harmless” Bill

Yesterday evening, the House Ways and Means Committee voted on SB 534 Education – State Grant to Counties With Declining State Aid. The Committee removed the Senate’s amendments to the bill, taking it back to its original form.

According to the analysis by the Department of Legislative Services, the original bill would increase State education aid in FY2015 by $464,100 for Garrett County and by $131,000 for Kent County.  The amended bill would have also increased State education aid for Carroll County by $1.1 million in FY 2015, $714,600 in FY 2016, and $240,900 in FY 2017.

In the House, SB 534 and its crossfile, HB 814, are jointly assigned with the House Appropriations Committee, so Appropriations now needs to vote on SB 534. The House version of the bill, HB 814, has already been voted favorable by both committees and will be on the House floor today.

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