Post’s “Things to Watch” This Week In Annapolis

The Washington Post issued another “Five things to watch” in Annapolis for the week ahead, including yet another mention of the still pending bail reform issues:

Will there be progress on bail reform?

The House and Senate leadership plan to meet again this week in hopes of finding a solution to Maryland’s inefficient system of setting bail for defendants awaiting trial.

In response to court decisions, the governor, the legislature and the judiciary have been searching for a way to streamline pretrial detention practices so that all defendants, including the poor, have access to a lawyer from the outset of the judicial process and no one is held in jail unnecessarily.

The outlines of a solution have been put forth in a pair of bills that would create a new statewide pretrial services unit to assume more responsibility for deciding who should be immediately released from custody before trial.

House and Senate leaders are also looking at a possible short-term solution while continuing to work out the details of a more permanent, more costly solution.

Read the full list of “Things to watch” on the Post website.


Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties