MACo Amendment Sticks, So Far, On Cash-for-Phones Bill

The House Business Regulation Subcommittee voted out House Bill 918 today with a MACo-supported amendment. The bill creates a state-wide licensing and regulation scheme for Automated Purchasing Machines (APMs), unstaffed kiosks that allow customers to insert phones or other electronics and receive cash on site.

The amendment, sought by MACo and local public safety agencies, would retain a county’s authority to ban APMs within its jurisdiction. APMs operating  in counties without a ban would have to comply with the state established scheme. The amended bill must still be voted upon by the full Economic Matters Committee. The Committee will likely vote on the bill tomorrow.

MACo is also advocating for this amendment in the Senate for the bill’s cross-file, SB 382, which is pending before the Senate Finance Committee.

Read MACo’s bill testimony online.

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