Over 80% of Maryland Roadways Maintained Locally

The Maryland Association of Counties (MACo) testified in support of HB 1067 on March 4 to incrementally restore Highway User Revenues (HUR) to local governments over a three-year period beginning in fiscal 2016. For decades, local roadways were funded  as one of the modes of transportation receiving 30% of HUR.  This percentage has been reduced to 9.6%.

HB 1067 would reasonably restore local HUR with no effect on the State general fund and no immediate effect on the Transportation Trust Fund (TTF). Further, it offers only a partial restoration to a 20% share of HUR, not the full 30%. This approach recognizes the recent commitments to State transportation projects and the State’s ongoing transportation needs.

SHA mileage chartDuring the hearing, MACo was asked to provide information on the number of road miles each county and Baltimore City are responsible for maintaining.  From MACo’s followup letter:

Out of a total of 31,359 road miles, counties are responsible for 21,323 miles and municipalities are responsible for 4,772 miles. Taken together, local jurisdictions are responsible for 83% of the road miles in the State of Maryland.

Restoring HUR is one of MACo’s top priorities for the 2014 General Assembly session.

Coverage of the hearing on HB 1067 can be found on Conduit Street.