Delegate Liz Bobo Retiring After 40 Years of Politics

Delegate Liz Bobo, Courtesy of Maryland State Archives
Delegate Liz Bobo, Courtesy of Maryland State Archives

Delegate Liz Bobo marks her retirement, celebrating 20 sessions in Annapolis.  Before becoming a Delegate, Bobo served as Howard County Executive for one term and on the Howard County Council for two terms.

Senator Ed Kasemeyer discusses working with Delegate Bobo in the Baltimore Sun article,

State Sen. Edward Kasemeyer, … who has served with Bobo in District 12 throughout the whole 19 years she’s been there, called her “a person who is true to her convictions.”

Bobo “stands up for what she believes in, doesn’t in any way compromise her beliefs [and is] very sincere,” he said. “Whatever she says she does, and she’s been a real pleasure to work with.”

Delegate Bobo says she is leaving politics for private life, to spend time with her grandson Zach Lederer, who entered hospice care last month after a two-year battle with brain cancer.

With nearly nine weeks down and four to go, Bobo is speeding toward the end of her final session in Annapolis.

But while she’s been down at the State House tying up loose ends, she’s often found her mind wandering back home to Howard County and her grandson, Zach.

“I’ve been looking forward to this eagerly, but also with curiosity — what’s it going to feel like, being down here, knowing I’m going to do these things for the last time?” she said. “But then along came Zachary, and it’s very different. I’m there, I’m doing my job, I know everything that’s going on, but I don’t think I’m experiencing everything as clearly as I would have, because that’s what’s in the forefront of my mind and my heart all the time.”

Bobo speaks fondly of her relationship with her 20-year-old grandson, who she says she’s “learned more from than anyone in all my life.”

To read the full article on Delegate Bobo’s retirement, visit the Baltimore Sun online.