Maryland Electrical Group Requests Withdrawal of Licensing Bill

The House Economic Matters Committee will hear testimony today on HB1119 Board of Electricians – Licensing and Regulation of Electricians – Phase Out of Local Licenses.  MACo is joining with The Maryland Electrical Legislative Group ( MELG) and others in opposition to the legislation which does not represent the findings of the recently assembled Task Force to Study Licensing and Continuing Education Requirements for Electricians and threatens the ability of local electrical boards to enforce local electrical codes.

The Maryland Electrical Legislative Group recently wrote a letter to the bill’s sponsor, Delegate Jeannie Haddaway-Riccio, requesting that she withdraw the bill in light of the concerns expressed at the bill’s hearing in the Senate.  Gilbert Thompson of MELG writes,

In our review of the bills presented, we find they do not reflect or represent the best interest of the general public or our industry. Some of the concepts proposed are totally and radically different from what had been discussed and proposed among various leaders of the electrical industry over the past 5 years or so. . .

Mr. Thompson describes the lack of input possible into the late-filed bill, and asks that the bill be withdraw for additional time for consideration, offering to work with the Task Force and other stakeholders to revise the bill,

. . . [O]ur organization will work once again with many prominent people to take the positive recommendations of the Task Force, resolve the issues that divide our industry, and submit to you and Senator Klausmeier a proposed bill that will:

  • Professionalize our electrical industry
  • Protect the safety of the general public
  • Set sensible and safe code standards

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