State Retains AAA Rating for March Bond Sale

The State of Maryland, preparing for a bond sale in early March, has formally had its longstanding AAA rating reaffirmed by all three major credit rating agencies.

From Treasurer Nancy Kopp’s press release:

Treasurer Kopp said, “Today’s news of Maryland receiving AAA ratings from the three major bond rating agencies is an acknowledgement of Maryland’s strong, stable and
prudent financial management and overall fiscal strength. We are pleased the rating analysts recognize the contribution of Maryland’s diverse economy, our well-educated
workforce, and above-average wealth and income levels to the overall quality of an investment in Maryland.”

“Retention of the Triple AAA ratings allows us to continue to save millions of taxpayer dollars resulting from the lower interest rates achieved because of these ratings,”
Treasurer Kopp said.

Read the full press release online, including select commentary from the ratings agencies.

Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties