St. Mary’s County Schools Return Unspent Construction Funds to Government

St. Mary’s County school board decided earlier this week to return $187,592 of unspent school construction funds back to county government.

The money will be transferred to St. Mary’s County account for capital improvement projects and be used for other county construction projects in the future.

From the article,

Kim Howe, director of capital planning and green schools, said her department recently looked at 17 active school construction project accounts.

“Looking at the projects, we identified $187,592 in project funds that were in closeout or nearing closeout that could be reverted back to the county,” Howe said.

Board member Cathy Allen said she was glad to see the school construction department is “diligent and cautious with the use of funds.”

Howe said the ups and downs of the economy during the last several years have also played a role in final project costs, especially for large projects that take multiple years to design and complete.

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