Maryland’s Snow Removal Expenditures Exceed Budget

While the Maryland State Highway Administration is not worried about running out of salt this winter, they are worried about running out of money to pay for it.  A February 7 WJLA article reported that Maryland has spent $70 million so far this winter on snow removal, though the budget for such expenditures was only $46 million.

“When we started the winter season, we had capacity for 360,000 tons; as of this last storm, we’ve used about 300,000 tons,” says Dave Buck with the Maryland State Highway Administration.

But according to Buck, that doesn’t mean operations are in jeopardy, as shipments of salt come in daily. As for the money, they plan to figure that out later.

Potholes are also increasing transportation costs. According to a February 10 WYPR story, AAA Mid-Atlantic stated that potholes have been especially bad this winter, which could cause drivers around the region nearly $5 billion in repairs.

With more than a month left in winter and another major snow storm expected to arrive in Maryland this evening, allowances will need to be made in other areas in order to compensate for this season’s high road treatment costs.