Intergovernmental Council Focuses on Collaboration, Transportation

As reported on Conduit Street, the Administration recently revived an Intergovernmental Council, at the behest of MACo and MML.  The body, chaired by Lieutenant Governor Anthony Brown, has committed to work across state and local governments to further communications and collaboration on both administrative and policy issues.

The first meeting of the renewed body was held on December 3, at the Banneker-Douglass Museum in Annapolis.  Representing MACo were President Rick Pollitt, First Vice President Tom Duncan, and Secretary John Barr.

Both municipal and county representative made transportation the top focus area for policy discussions, relating the still-strong effects of recent state budget cuts to Highway User Revenues.  Both local government organizations have made restoration of this funding stream their top priority for the year ahead.  The Lieutenant Governor, along with several members of the Administration staff, engaged in conversation about the importance of local roadways, and the potential need for additional documentation of projects and spending targets for such local distributions.

In addition to the conversation about policy issues, the Lieutenant Governor invited several Administration staff members to offer views on potential local collaboration on both state and federal issues — the invited guest presenters included:

          Eric Brenner, Director, Governor’s Grants Office

          Dana Thompson, Director, Governor’s Federal Relations Office

         Cassie ChampionDirector, Governor’s Office on Service & Volunteerism

         Drew Vetter, Deputy Legislative Officer, Governor’s Legislative Office

The group agreed that a meeting prior to the MML summer conference would be effective timing to continue the collaborative conversations.

Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties