$9.2 Million in Federal Grants for Chesapeake Bay Cleanup

An October 30 Baltimore Sun B’More Green blog article reports that the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation has announced $9.2 million in grants for 40 water quality and habitat restoration projects in the six-state Chesapeake Bay watershed.

More than $2 million is going to projects in Maryland, including nearly  $250,000 to the local environmental group Blue  Water Baltimore to “engage” churches and other religious groups in the city  on how they can reduce their storm-water fees.  Churches and other  nonprofits in the city and across Maryland have protested the fees – which for  those with large parking lots and buildings could be substantial – prompting  politicians to seek to reduce the fees or even repeal the state law requiring  they be levied.  …

For a full list of the grants, go here.

The article notes other Maryland grants go to the Oyster Recovery Partnership for Eastern Shore oyster reef restoration and the Center for Urban Environmental Research and Education for green infrastructure stormwater projects.


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