Garrett: School Closures Would Not Solve $2.2M Deficit

A consultant’s report recently found that even if Garrett County closed three schools, it still would not close its budget gap, according to an article in the Cumberland Times-News.  The savings wouldn’t be enough to close the $2.2 million budget gap, according to Paul Swanson, principal and co-founder of Facility Engineering Associates, P.C., the Times-News reports.

“If we were to take the most extreme option and still only realize an 83 percent gain towards the $2.2 million deficit that we anticipate, how would we come up with what’s left?” said Superintendent of Schools Janet Wilson during a presentation of the study Monday.

If the schools were reconfigured it would lead to reductions in teachers, according to Wilson.

“We have reduced our staff by 88 positions since 2009,” said Wilson. “We have lost 609 students; at a 1-to-20 ratio we probably should reduce the staff.”

For more information, see the full story from the Cumberland Times-News.

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