Ervin, Turner Win Public Policy Leadership Awards

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Montgomery County Councilmember Valerie Ervin and Prince George’s County Councilmember Ingrid Turner are the two Maryland winners of the 2013 Phyllis Campbell Newsome Public Policy Leadership Awards given by the Center for Nonprofit Advancement.

The Center for Nonprofit Advancement’s website gives details about the award:

The Phyllis Campbell Newsome Public Policy Leadership Award was named in honor of the Center for Nonprofit Advancement’s former director of advocacy and community relations after her untimely passing in 2003.  The award was created to highlight the work of four elected or non-elected officials who have gone above and beyond in partnership with the nonprofit sector to ensure more vibrant communities.  Each year the Center recognizes four public officials for this award.  One official is recognized from each of the jurisdictions the Center supports including, the District of Columbia, Northern Virginia, and Montgomery and Prince George’s counties.

Montgomery County Councilmember Ervin is honored to win this award.  From her facebook post,

I am humbled and honored to have, for the second time during my Council tenure, been named the winner of the Phyllis Campbell Newsome Public Policy Leadership Award by the Center for Nonprofit Advancement. Much of what I have accomplished in my seven years on the Council has been through nonprofit partnerships, and together—working with County service providers, local businesses, and advocacy organizations—we have been able to do great things. From bullying prevention to expanding free breakfast and summer lunch programs in schools, from community gardens to the nation’s first countywide Food Recovery Network, from expanding childcare subsidies to expanding bikeshare, the collaboration of nonprofits have played a crucial role in moving Montgomery County forward. I look forward to attending the Center’s 2013 Annual Celebration on Thursday to accept this cherished honor and thank the nonprofit sector for all that they’ve done for our community.

To attend the Center for Nonprofit Advancement’s Annual Celebration and to meet the winners of this award, register here.