State Officials Comment on Climate Change Effects at Eastern Shore Land Conservancy Conference

An October 6 Easton Star Democratarticle recounts comments made by State officials on climate change and rising sea levels at the Eastern Shore Land Conservancy’s 14th annual Planning Conference on October 3.  Presenters included Maryland Secretary of the Environment Dr. Robert Summers and Secretary of Planning Richard Hall.  Both referenced a report released earlier this year that predicted a sea level rise of between 0.9 feet and 2.1 feet by 2050 from 2000 levels.  (See previous Conduit Street coverage of the report.)  From the Star Democrat article:

“A foot-and-a-half-level rise by then is going to have a real impact on the Shore,” Hall said.

“This is something we’ve got to be taking seriously,” Summers said. “I think a lot of our friends and neighbors out there are just going about their business and are not really concerned about it.

“Of course we know that there are a lot of folks who believe that it isn’t really even happening, it’s just a natural cycle,” Summers said. …

“This is not business as usual,” Summers said. “This is a big deal.”  …

The two state cabinet members indicated the lessons of Superstorm Sandy on Crisfield and Smith Island could be considered harbingers of trouble to come.

Regarding the State’s response to climate change, the Secretaries referenced Maryland’s recently released climate change plan and climate change components within PlanMaryland.


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