Survey Finds America’s Infrastructure Is Not Meeting Business Needs

As reported by Better Roads, the National Association of Manufacturers recently released a report titled “Infrastructure: Essential to Manufacturing Competitiveness.” The report, based largely on survey responses from U.S. manufacturers, found that infrastructure is not improving quickly enough to meet business needs.

According to the report, the majority of participating U.S. manufacturers believe America’s transportation infrastructure system is “old, inefficient and badly in need of modernization.

  • 70 percent of manufacturers said the system is “in fair or poor shape and needs a great deal or quite a bit of improvement.
  • 70 percent said roads are continuing to deteriorate.
  • 65 percent said infrastructure will likely not meet the demands of the economy in the next  10 to 15 years.

The report also notes that manufacturers do not think U.S. infrastructure keeps up with business needs. Manufacturers said these sectors are getting worse:

  • Roads (70 percent)
  • Energy (42 percent)
  • Aviation (36 percent)
  • Mass Transit (28 percent)
  • Drinking Water/Wastewater (24 percent)
  • Rail (21 percent)
  • Ocean/Water (18 percent)

Click here to review the report’s executive summary.