Transportation Commission Reviews Possible Revenue Options and Recommendations

The Blue Ribbon Commission on Maryland Transportation Funding met on September 8 to continue discussions on value capture and public-private partnerships; and to begin considering recommendations and potential revenue funding options.  The following revenue options presented build upon those included in the Commission’s February 2011 report, with an increase in the State’s real property tax as a new option for consideration.

  • Increase in the motor fuel tax of varying rates, some with indexing others not
  • Apply the sales tax to the retail price of motor fuel
  • Increase in vehicle registrations, titling tax, and MVA vehicle emissions and fees
  • Increase farebox recovery
  • Apply the sales tax to vehicle repair services
  • Increase the State property tax rate and earmarked additional revenue for transportation

Although a list of possible “topics for consideration as recommendations” were included in the packet of materials, discussion of these topics will occur at the Commission’s next meeting on September 27 at the Weinberg Center for the Arts in Frederick.  Topics of most interest to local governments include:

  • Provide locals taxing authority to raise revenues for transportation and encourage localities to develop their own dedicated transportation revenues
  • Include funding for local transportation needs in additional revenue sources considered
  • Establish a strategic framework for transportation investment decisions to ensure transportation infrastructure investments support growth areas and preserve rural areas
  • Work cooperatively with local governments to ensure county and city plans reflect the State’s overall growth policies
  • Generate cooperative relationships with the local governments and the private sector whereby local and private revenues resulting from transportation improvements are considered for MDOT’s value capture

Additional coverage of this meeting can be found in the Washington Examiner.

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