Carroll County Plans to Assess Water & Sewer Systems

A September 13 Carroll County Times article reports that Carroll County is preparing to perform an assessment of the County’s aging water and sewer systems.  The assessment will help the County develop a plan to upgrade and renovate the systems, as well as determine appropriate water and sewer rates to cover the costs of the renovations.  From the article:

The goal will be to have quantifiable data needed to develop a plan to improve the aging systems. The data will show that water and sewer rates must be increased to cover the costs of future improvements, [Carroll County department of public works director Tom Rio] said.  …

Ted Zaleski, director of the county’s Department of Management and Budget, said he has believed for some time that the county was falling behind in funding the total cost of the water and sewer systems. The collection of system data is supporting the notion that the county needs to do more, he said.

Commissioner Doug Howard, R-District 5, said the new data will be very helpful in developing a long-term plan to deal with the underfunded water and sewer systems. The information will be helpful during the budget process when the board is looking for ways to spend surplus funds, he said.