Annual Planning Reports Due to MDP

The Maryland Department of Planning (MDP) has requested that the following text be shared with the counties:

 The Maryland Department of Planning (MDP) thanks all local jurisdictions, planning commissions and planning boards who submitted their annual reports that were due July 1, 2013 for calendar year 2012.

 All planning commissions and boards are required to prepare and transmit to MDP an annual report for their jurisdictions.   The general requirements for submitting annual reports can now be found in the new Land Use Article under § 1-207.  Jurisdictions that issue more than 50 new residential units each year can find the requirements to address the Measures and Indicators requirements under § 1-208

 MDP reports that most jurisdictions have done an outstanding job of addressing the annual report requirements and seem to have found the new annual report worksheet useful.

 If you have not submitted an annual report, MDP requests, at a minimum, that each jurisdiction identify the number of new residential permits issued using Table 1 below.  This information needs to be received by MDP no later than October 18 so state planning staff can conclude its review of annual report data for inclusion in its required report to the General Assembly.

 Table 1:  New Residential Permits Issued

Inside and Outside the Priority Funding Area (PFA) 

Residential   – Calendar Year 2012


Non   – PFA


# New Residential Permits Issued





This information may be submitted via email.  If your jurisdiction needs any assistance with preparing your annual report, or addressing Table 1, contact Richard Josephson, Director of Planning Services (; 410-767-0901) or David Dahlstrom (; 410-767-6926).