Commentary Spotlights Baltimore County’s Strong Governance

On the Maryland news and information site CenterMaryland, commentator Laslo Boyd offers a profile of current Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz, who has maintained a tradition of prudent and effective county management for that large suburban jurisdiction.

From Boyd’s analysis:

He sees his ability to achieve cost savings and improved services as the key to being able to invest in the long-term needs of Baltimore County. And Kamenetz is very clear about what those long term needs are. If you are used to watching the poisonous and unproductive debates that currently characterize national politics, it is incredibly refreshing to hear someone talk about investing in the future.

Boyd discusses County Executive Kamenetz’s focus on education, public safety, and infrastructure, and observes:

Will all of these goals be achieved? Will Kevin Kamenetz be able to continue navigating through what up to now have been tough economic times? Will he be able to bring changes to a county that has not always been very receptive to them?

His 16 years on the County Council certainly give him a better understanding of the workings of local government than many people bring to the job of executive. Local government, unlike at the national level, is about delivering services and making things work rather than about ideology and partisanship.

Read the full article online.

Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties