Governor Announces Funding for Roundabout in Somerset County

Governor O’Malley recently announced funding for a new roundabout in Princess Anne, Somerset County.  The $3.7 million project will provide safety improvements and support approximately 50 jobs.  From the Governor’s Office press release:

Construction of the roundabout is scheduled to begin in late fall 2013. In order to enhance pedestrian safety, this project also will provide new sidewalks along MD 675 from the roundabout to MD 362 (Mt. Vernon Road). Additionally, the project includes drainage improvements and modernizing stormwater treatment facilities.

“The UMES-Somerset Avenue Roundabout Project demonstrates how our citizens, towns, counties and the state government achieve success by working together,” said Senator Jim Mathias.

“These long-awaited and critical safety improvements are celebrated by all of us who call Princess Anne our home,” said Delegate Charles Otto.  “For more than 20 years, this has been a priority, and I applaud everyone who worked to get the funding to move this project forward.”

The project is being funded with revenue raised by the Transportation Infrastructure Investment Act.