Public Prioritizes Transportation Plan Goals in MDOT Survey

As part of its ongoing process to draft the 2035 Maryland Transportation Plan (MTP), the Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) recently conducted a public survey on transportation system priorities.  Respondents were asked to rank six goal area priorities from most important to least important.  The results will inform the policies and strategies included in the 2035 MTP.

The full survey results, including demographic information on the respondents, are available in the Maryland Transportation Plan Public Survey Report.  The results are also summarized in MDOT’s June newsletter.  The newsletter also includes an update and timeline on the 2035 MTP process.

The survey generated 2,183 responses. Respondents assigned the following overall rankings to the six goal area priorities:

 Rank 1: Community Vitality

Rank 2: Safety and Security

Rank 3: Quality of Service

Rank 4: Environmental Stewardship

Rank 5: Economic Prosperity

Rank 6: System Preservation

Further information about the 2035 MTP can be found here.