Wicomico: County Executive’s Vision

Wicomico County Executive Rick Pollitt

Wicomico County Executive Rick Pollitt recently wrote a piece in the DelMarVa Now describing how the narrative “Building Bridges, Building Community” supports a vision for the County.  He also describes the County’s new system for achieving short and long range objectives that advance the vision.  He writes,

As our first executive, my “Building Bridges, Building Community” theme has been structured to develop such a vision. We’re continuing to build stronger relationships with farmers, educators, environmentalists, minorities, firefighters, seniors, veterans, business and industry and with the legislative branch. More than ever, citizens from across the county are engaged in helping to define just what sort of community we are and want to be.

Recently, we began our most ambitious project with the establishment of our Visioning Action Committee. The VAC comprises proven leaders and decision-makers representing all of the areas described above. Recognizing that numerous studies have been presented over time with mixed results, our goal is to establish achievable short- and long-range objectives that will actually make a difference.

Rick Pollitt is serving his second term as Wicomico County Executive, and is President of MACo.

For more information, see the complete editorial from the Now.

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