Queen Anne’s County Commissioner’s Approve $114 Million Budget for Fiscal 2014

Queen Anne’s County Commissioner’s approved the county’s $114 million fiscal 2014 budget during their meeting on June 19, keeping tax rates the same and providing a 3% salary adjustment for employees. The county’s Budget Resolution provides specifics on the budget, some of which are listed below.

  • The real property tax rate will remain unchanged at $.8471 per $100 of assessed valuation;
  • The County will undertake a program of LEAN management, the goals of the program include increased efficiency, improved customer service, more efficient County processes, increased employee engagement, and reduction of waste in the workplace; and,
  • The Board of Education will be funded at $3 million above Maintenance of Effort and the County and the Board of Education also agree to fund the Board of Education at $3 million above Maintenance of Effort in FY 2015.