Calvert County Commissioners Visit Small Businesses and Hear Concerns

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Last week, during Business Appreciation Week, Calvert County Commissioners visited 15 county businesses

to learn more about them and see what the county can do to help them be more successful.

Business Appreciation Week, organized by DED, recognizes businesses for their contributions to Calvert’s economy and quality of life, a memo from DED explains. Throughout the week, there were several events, including networking and seminars, for businesses to participate in.

According to Southern Maryland Newspapers Online, the Board of County Commissioners

went on team site visits to businesses in the construction and building trades industry. Each commissioner’s team consisted of Department of Economic Development staff, Community Planning and Building staff, Calvert County Chamber of Commerce members, Economic Development Commission members and business resource partners.

Concerns raised by the small business owners ranged from inspections, regulations and permitting, to competing with big “box stores” and customer service.

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