Howard and Anne Arundel Push Regional Transit Service

As reported by the Baltimore Sun, Howard and Anne Arundel Counties are looking to merge their transit services into a new regional transit authority.  It is felt that such a structure would close transportation gaps in heavily populated areas as well as save money.

State and local governments now spend a combined $14 million a year on transit in the Howard-Anne Arundel region. The proposed Regional Transportation Agency of Central Maryland would take government out of the business of running buses and save at least $1.3 million annually, transportation officials estimate.

“It would create one entity with a single purpose and a single brand with a uniform fare structure and direct oversight from the funding organizations,” said Powell, who was appointed a year ago by Howard County Executive Ken Ulman to find transportation solutions. “We believe this is the only way we’re going to meet the demands of the region.”

If the formation of the transit authority moves forward as planned, a Request For Proposal for a transit manager will be issued July 1 and the transit authority would be established January 1, 2014.