Frederick County Estimates Sequestration’s Effects

Frederick County recently assembled spreadsheet on its current programs and spending that may be affected by federal sequestration.  Many counties are currently undergoing similar efforts to estimate the potential effect of the federal sequestration on the County.  Frederick’s estimate shows anticipated downturns in federal funding for areas such as historical preservation, workforce training, and special education, among others.  It also provides a separate category for public school programs.

According to Frederick’s estimate, the sequestration would cut $1.7 million in federal funding from the Frederick government’s programs, and an additional $1.3 million from its public schools, resulting in a total reduction of almost $3 million.

MACo is currently gathering information on the potential effects of sequestration for Maryland’s counties and Baltimore City.  If you have any information on the effect of sequestration in your jurisdiction, please contact MACo’s Policy Analyst, Robin Clark.