Local Police Escort Bill Passes Both Houses

Legislation (HB 889 / SB 621) that would grant law enforcement personnel limited traffic powers when performing motorcade or escort duties outside of their home jurisdiction has unanimously passed both the House and Senate and each chamber’s respective bill is now awaiting action by the other chamber.

The bills grant drivers of State and local emergency vehicles certain traffic privileges (such as passing stop signs and red traffic signals, exceeding the speed limit, and traveling through other local jurisdictions in the state) while performing motorcade or escort duties for homeland security, funerals, dignitaries, or facilitating traffic and pedestrian flow around the escort. The jurisdiction that employs a driver in a motorcade or escort must also provide notice of the motorcade or escort to any jurisdiction that the driver will enter while performing or returning from the motorcade or escort.

MACo worked with the Maryland State Police on the initial concept of the legislation and supported both bills.

MACo HB 889 Testimony

MACo SB 621 Testimony