This Week’s MACo Testimony – Week of March 11, 2013

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The MACo staff gave testimony this week on the following bills:

March 13, 2013:

MACo offered amendments to legislation limiting the government responsibility for costs or settlements arising from illegal behavior of elected officials.

MACo supported a limited exemption from taxes for specified low-income housing projects, and offered refinements to clarify bill provisions.

March 14, 2013:

MACo opposed broad legislation imposing far higher recycling mandates and aggressive caps on landfill usage, both backed up by formidable compliance penalties.

MACo supported a state-created structure to offer alternative financing options for infrastructure projects, both public and hybrid-funded.

March 15, 2013:

MACo supported legislation requiring county governments and school boards to meet and confer annually on functions appropriate for combined operation or procurement.

To see online versions of MACo’s written testimony from the 2013 legislative session, click here.