This Week’s MACo Testimony – Week of February 18, 2013

The MACo staff gave testimony this week on the following bills:

February 19, 2013:

MACo raised concerns that reducing interest rates on overdue taxes would not only reduce revenues, but could undermine the disincentive for taxpayers to comply on time.

MACo’s initiative bill seeks a county “seat at the table” overseeing administrative functions of the state pension system.

MACo supported this move to a 10-year, census-based cycle for comprehensive plan approval, and at the hearing pledged to work with several proposed amendments.

MACo supported greater latitude in complying with state public notice laws.

MACo supported a streamlining bill, allowing local governments to adopt state mandates or regulations by reference, rather than distributing and incorporating them in full through local ordinances.

MACo supported an adjustment to a compromise on workers’ compensation, arising from delays in a, required study of medical science underlying several statutory presumptions.

MACo supported an extension of the current 9-1-1 fees, which currently are not levied on prepaid phone service.

February 20, 2013

MACo opposed these two bills and their accompanying reduction in vessel excise taxes, which underwrite the waterway improvement fund for numerous local projects.

MACo opposed this bill making wide ranging and impractical changes to speed camera programs.

As part of its legislative initiative, MACo supported extending the current state exemption from gas tax purchase to county-owned vehicles.

MACo supported clarifying legislation to better enable cross-jurisdictional authority for ceremonial or security details.

MACo supported provisions, still under development, to subject state property to stormwater requirements.

MACo supported creating a “whistleblower” law similar to federal law, to encourage detection of government waste or abuse.

February 21, 2013

MACo supported an extension of provisions detailing application of public information laws to electronic documents.

MACo raised concerns with a proposed administrative fee on counties participating in the state pension system (bill now withdrawn).

Counties supported this bill to loosen the state imposition of “prevailing wage” requirements on certain state-funded projects, citing cost inflation concerns.

MACo supported its initiative bill for a “seat at the table” overseeing state pensions.  See HB 390 above.

MACo supported MDP legislation to offer counties additional optional financing tools for targeted redevelopment and infrastructure in designated areas.

MACo opposed legislation reducing county flexibility in local code adoption.

February 22, 2013

MACo opposed increased fines placed on local wastewater facilities that suffer overflows.

To see online versions of MACo’s written testimony from the 2013 legislative session, click here.