Howard County Delegation Approves Establishing a Tax Credit for Redevelopment

As reported by the Howard County Times, the Howard County Delegation recently met and approved sponsorship of legislation that would establish a tax credit for commercial development along route 1, as well as other proposals to benefit the county.

During its first meeting in Annapolis of the 2013 legislative session, the delegation approved four county bills, five bond bills totaling $950,000 and held four other bills for further discussion.

Steve Lafferty, county Director of Special Projects, said the tax credit proposal was generated with Route 1 in mind, but could be used in other areas. He said Route 1 has not seen the reinvestment in commercial properties needed to revitalize the corridor.

If passed, the bill would authorize the county to provide a property tax credit for a commercial property being renovated, upgraded or rehabilitated along Route 1.

Other approved legislation would provide for the following:

  • Veterans organizations an opportunity to host one casino event a month.
  • Retirement communities to apply for a beer, wine and liquor license to serve its residents.
  • Certain license holders to sell wine in refillable containers off licensed premises.

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