Social Media Report Card for District of Columbia

As reported in Governing, The District of Columbia is using social media in an effort to improve its agencies’ services and motivate them to do better.  As reported,

The District of Columbia has contracted with an Internet company to compile citizens’ comments from social media, post them online and use it to create report cards for ten of the District’s agencies, reports The Wall Street Journal.  Citizens and public workers can view the grades and the compiled comments on Grade.DC.Gov. The site allows employees to interact with citizens more directly and receive both praise and criticism, which can be used to improve services and spark motivation. Since the project began in June, over 24,600 “insights” have been collected. It’s estimated by the mayor’s office that the program could cost $670,000 for the first two years.

The use of social media and other web tools to enhance open government practices is a topic of MACo’s Winter Conference, where public information officers will discuss how even small offices can incorporate the use of new technologies over time.

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