MDOT Unveils New 2035 Transportation Plan Website

The Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) has unveiled a new website for the 2035 Maryland Transportation Plan (MTP), which sets forth a 20-year vision for the State’s transportation system.   From the website:

The MTP outlines the State’s transportation goals, policies and priorities and helps guide statewide investment decisions across all modes of transportation. The MTP is one component of the annual State Report on Transportation, which also includes the Consolidated Transportation Program (CTP) and the Annual Attainment Report on Transportation System Performance (AR). The CTP is Maryland’s six-year capital budget for transportation projects, and the AR tracks MDOT’s progress each year towards attaining the goals and objectives of the MTP based on outcome-oriented performance measures.

The MTP is required to be updated every 5 years under statute and the update for the 2009 version of the MTP has begun.  The website also provides a schedule for update activities:

  • Fall 2012: Initiate Public Outreach Activities; Assess Current Conditions, Trends and Issues; Develop Goals, Objectives, and Performance Measures
  • Winter 2013: Assess Needs and Financial Resources
  • Spring 2013: Develop Alternative Investment Scenarios
  • Summer 2013: Develop Implementation Strategies
  • Fall 2013: Prepare Draft 2035 MTP
  • January 2014: Release 2035 MTP

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