Montgomery County Voters Deny Police “Effects Bargaining”

As reported in, unofficial results show that Question B will pass and that the use of “effects bargaining” by the police union will no longer be allowed in Montgomery County.

As of 2 a.m., with all 238 precincts reporting, 210,491 ballots, or 58.4 percent, were cast “for” the referendum, and 149,955, or 41.6 percent, opposed. . . The unofficial results released on election night contain only those votes cast on voting machines during early voting and in the polling places on Election Day. Absentee ballots will be counted by the Montgomery County Board of Elections starting Thursday.

With the passage of Question B, the County Council’s decision to repeal the right to “effects bargaining” becomes law.   According to, “effects bargaining” gave the Fraternal Order of Police bargaining rights that other unions do not possess.

[The old law allowed] Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 35 to bargain the effects of management decisions that do not involve salaries, benefits or working conditions. In Montgomery County, the FOP is the only public employees union that has the right to effects bargaining.

According to, both Democrats and Republicans in Montgomery County supported Question B.  Montgomery County’s government has also publicly supported the initiative.

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