MACo Expresses Concern with Expansion of Family Medical Leave

In testimony before the House Economic Matters Committee, MACo Associate Director Andrea Mansfield and Harford County Director of Human Resources Scott Gibson expressed concerns with legislation that would require counties to offer FMLA to employees with respect to the employee’s brother, sister, grandparent, grandchild, domestic partner, or the child of a domestic partner.

Ms. Mansfield testified that this expansion would significantly increase costs and negatively affect productivity, especially during difficult economic times.  This year alone, counties have eliminated almost 1,700 positions, 14 counties have laid off almost 400 employees, and 10 counties have enacted furloughs or salary reductions.

Mr. Gibson spoke to the administrative challenges of administering FMLA with a declining staff, and the costly effect on 24/7 agencies, such as public safety.

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