Washington County Commissioners Consider Legislative Initiatives For 2013 Session

An October 25 Herald-Mail article summarizes a recent meeting of the Washington County Commissioners where the Commissioners considered various legislative initiatives for the 2013 Session.  According to the article, the Commissioners will present a final list of requests to the County’s legislative delegation in mid-December.

The Washington County Commissioners are considering asking the local delegation to the Maryland General Assembly for permission to borrow $60 million in bond money to fund the county’s Capital Improvement Plan through 2018.

The commissioners might also ask the local delegation for permission to appoint municipal police officers as special sheriff’s deputies, get authority for the country to design special payment plans in lieu of personal property taxes to attract technology companies.  …

Another issue the county wants to address is the disparity grant, also known as the teachers retirement supplemental grant, which is given annually to counties with per-capita income tax revenues less than 75 percent of the state average. But the legislature capped the program in 2010, stopping counties that were not eligible that year from joining the program.  …

The commissioners might ask the delegation to pursue clarification of the definition of “amusement devices” such as game machines and billiard tables.

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