MACo Leaders Meet With State Budget Department

On October 25, MACo officials met with the Secretary of the Department of Budget and Management (DBM), Eloise Foster, and DBM’s Deputy Secretary, David Romans, to discuss budgetary initiatives for the upcoming 2014 General Assembly Session.  MACo’s President, Ingrid Turner, who led the meeting, was joined by First Vice President Rick Pollitt, Executive Director Michael Sanderson and Legislative Director Andrea Mansfield.

During the meeting, MACo discussed county funding levels in the Fiscal 2014 budget, a possible expansion of projects in the State’s capital budget, and granting local governments the same exemption from motor fuel taxes afforded to the State.  As previously reported on Conduit Street, local police aid and inflationary increases to health departments are to be restored in Fiscal 2014 as part of the pension offsets provided.  Counties hope that these offsets and others funded in the Fiscal 2013 budget, continue to be funded in Fiscal 2014.   In addition, the local share of the property assessment costs should be dropping from 90% to 50%.

If capital projects are expanded, MACo requested that county priorities be a part of the selection process.

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