Officials Warn Sequestration Will Cut Local Services, Jobs

As reported in Politico, local officials, state officials, and policy experts are all warning of the impact sequestration will have on local government programs.  Education programs, infrastructure bonds, food stamps, are a few of the programs named.

The programs affected “are a smattering of small programs that, by the way, don’t have major advocates,” said Tracy Gordon, a fellow at the Brookings Institution. “There is no one holding a banner for nondefense discretionary spending. … It is a question of making budgeting much more difficult at the state and local level and putting services at risk.”

The U.S. Conference of Mayors have been lobbying Congress to stop sequestration  which they say may result in cuts to basic services, such as fire and police protection.  Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter, president of the Conference, told Politico,

“I’m not much for name calling. I’m about facts and details and information, but elected officials are paid to do their jobs regardless of whether or not they are running for reelection,” Nutter said in an interview with POLITICO. “We need to let the public know … how it happened and who is responsible. We the mayors are the ones that have to implement the insanity that comes from Washington, D.C.”

In addition, Politico reports that job losses from sequestration cuts, coupled with cuts to federal unemployment programs, could put pressure on local programs while reducing local tax revenues.

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